Basement Renovation In Buckeye, AZ

If you want to make good use of the extra space in your house, basement renovations can be a great way to do so.

Basement Renovation & Design Services

We provide best basement renovation services in Buckeye, AZ. If your kids are getting old and refuse to share a room, renovating your basement can give your extra space for a person to sleep in. Or if you want uninterrupted TV time, Basement can become your man cave away from your kids.

Why should you renovate your basement?

When You Are Expecting Guests Over

Maybe your old friend is visiting town or your mother is planning to stay with you for a few days. Making your guests sleep on the uncomfortable sofa is bad them and embarrassing for you. Renovating your basement can provide you more space for guests to sleep in at night, give them privacy and space. Our renovation team can take care of the flooring, the ventilation and heating or cooling system to completely make the space livable for your guests. Once your guests leave, you can sleep in the room for a change and enjoy this new space right underneath your house.

Make An Entertainment Room For The Kids

If your kids are too loud and take up a lot of your living room space, build them a space of their own. Let them play their favourite playstation and shout their victory as loud as they can. Your kids will appreciate you building them an entertainment room for them in the basement. When your kids are not playing games on the Tv in the basement you can use it to watch sports and have a great time. We can install noise absorbing wall and floor so noise does not escape the basement.

Make A Creative Studio

An artist like a painter, sculpter or even singer need their own quiet space to work and be uninterrupted. The basement space is large enough for an artist to spread their wings and experiment with their artistry. Needed design changes can be made according to the client’s requirement that fits their needs. 

What We Do?

There are few things we take care of while renovating Basements. The things we pay special attention to are Lighting, as basement does not get much natural lighting and proper lighting is needed to be able to see anything. Windows are necessary for ventilation. Flooring, most basements do not have a furnished floor. It’s either rough concrete or dirt. Wall Insulation is important to keep the people warm during cold weather. Water proofing, plumbing, utilities, furniture and decor are few of the things we take care of.