Kitchen Remodeling FAQ


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The total project can take from 1 week to a whole month depending on the size and type of the project. If you just need the cabinets to be changed it may take 3 days to a week. However, if you need the floor, wall, ceiling, countertops and everything else remodelled it might take as much time as one month or more. Our experts will assess the probable time needed to complete the work and tell you beforehand.

If you are thinking about renovation you have already started with the preparation. You can start by choosing the color theme you want to go with. The color and design of the tiles is a good place to start. You can go on pintrest and start saving images. You can take screenshots of images on google itself. You can make a small notebook on all the things you want to be done in the kitchen. You start removing things from your kitchen a day before the renovation, make arrangements to warm food or cook anywhere else. You decide where you would eat during the renovation would take place. There is no other preparation as such.

You can buy material if you want to. However, it is recommended to talk to the designing experts first. You will tell what is required in what proportions. There will be things you wouldn’t find at your local home depot, you might have to go through our local contractors. There are things we supply that we highly recommend to use as they are good quality, more affordable and have warranty attached to it. There are also certain factors involved while choosing material which only an expert will be able to access and make the right decision for that we suggest you have a proper communication before going shopping yourself.

There are hundreds of ways to remodel your kitchen and some of them are cheaper than you think. Simply repairing your cabinets and changing the lighting can bring a new look to your kitchen. There are also materials that can give you an affordable makeover without compromising on the quality of looks. Our experts are always ready to discuss your budget and plan a makeover accordingly.

There is no written rule about not wooden flooring in kitchen. Having said that, you have to keep in mind that kitchen are more vulnerable to fires than any other part of the house. If possible avoid wooden flooring, however, it is the same as having plywood cabinets or wooden furniture in the kitchen. Some wooden floors are treated to not catch fire easily. If you want you can install wooden flooring.

Every material has its own unique quality. Tiles are affordable, have a wide range of designs and color options. Marble countertops, although a bit more expensive look great after cut and installed in the kitchen. There are other material as well, natural stones are more expensive than man-made one but look and feel luxurious as compared to man-made stones.

People who are happy with the way their cabinets look and do not wish to change but their cabinets are getting old and they just need to renew them, they go for refacing. It can be done by reinforcing your existing cabinets frames with durable ¼” plywood then veneer over it. The color of the refaced cabinets blend seamlessly with the existing colours of the cabinets but making the cabinets look new. Refacing is not cheaper, it costs almost the same as replacing kitchen cabinets. In many ways refacing needs for craftsmanship and material choosing hassles than designing cabinets from scratch.

Yes, our expert estimator will make a detailed plan and estimation of the whole project. You can look at it, make changes if you want then we make a contract and start working.